ALL-IN-ONE Syntax Highlighting

EnlighterJS is a free, easy-to-use, syntax highlighting plugin developed for MooTools. It is based on the famous Lighter.js. Using it can be as simple as adding a single script and style to your website, choosing the elements you wish to highlight, and EnlighterJS takes care of the rest!


Enlighter Theme

Required Files

Easy to use! Add MooTools & 2 Files

1. Include MooTools.Core, EnlighterJS Script+Styles into your page
2. Prepare your sourcecode elements by adding a language identifier
3. "Initialize" EnlighterJS to highlight the code

Startup: Example1

WordPress Fanatic? The Official Plugin

Enlighter - The most simple way to use EnlighterJS.
Full Visual-Editor-Integration. Build-in Theme Customizer.
Ready-to-use, Ready-to-post!

Enlighter Plugin

WordPress Visual Editor Integration

Required Files

Theme Customizer within the WordPress Plugin

An easy to use Theme-Customizer is included to modify the build-in themes without any css knowlegde!

Enlighter Plugin

Tons of Features Innovative & Customizable

Written in MooTools. Requires version 1.4+
Inline and Block Syntax highlighting
Build-in support for various languages
Extensible language and theme engines
Simple CSS based themes
Small footprint: 56kB js + 35kB css
Toolbar buttons
Metatag Initialization
Web-based Customizer

Customize EnlighterJS

Required Files